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I lost my tag(s)...

Please report to the Information Counter. There is a penalty charge of RM60 for each lost tag. Treasure them well since those tags are epic loot.

Can I bring food and drinks inside the hall?


Can I get a refund for booth cancellation?

Yes. You have until 12th July 2019 to cancel and claim a full refund. Any refund claims for booth cancellation after this date will not be entertained.

Can I sell__________?

Kindly send an inquiry to our email

Can we purchase extra booth tags?

Yes. It would an additional charge of RM60 per tag and it is limited to a maximum of two tags per booth at the Information Counter at the venue hall.

Can we store our things in the hall on Saturday night?

We will lock the event halls after the event and you may keep your items there and then. Our staffs will remind and walk you through the process. But, should you choose to leave your items in the hall, it will be at your own risk.

I lost something!!!

Please report to us at the Information Counter for any loss of items.

Can we do anything on stage?

Sure! Notify our friendly committee near the stage console beforehand if you want us to promote your booth. (Tip: Free giveaways are always a crowd favorite!)

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